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Talk about a city you are planning to travel, but you have never been to before

时态: 一般将来时,现在完成时

构思思路:兴趣爱好 城市特征

I guess the city on the top of the list for my next travel destination is Rio de Janeiro. People would probably say you wanna go there because it is the host city of the Olympic Games. Well, it’s part of the reason. But more importantly, I have always been fascinated by the Brazilian culture and passionate people there. Rio is a major city of Brazil and therefore I believe visiting Rio, for me, will be an amazing travel experience. I have watched quite a number of documentaries and travel videos introducing Brazil. One thing I’ve noticed is that when people mention Rio de Janeiro, they talk about carnival. The Rio carnival is held around February every year and lasts for a week. As a party animal, I am so curious about how the Brazilians celebrate the festival. I once saw the parade of samba dance performers on the video. Their costumes were pretty and shiny. The performers all danced in high spirits. It cheered me up immediately. I wish I were one of them! Also, as Rio is located in the Southern Hemisphere, visiting the city for carnival in February could be a great escape from the harsh winter in Canada. I can imagine myself enjoying authentic Brazilian barbecue and warm sunshine at the beach. In the plan of my visit to Rio, I will take a tour to the local slums, where the poor live in the city. I have heard about the slums in Brazil, called Favela, from my social justice course at teacher’s college. If I have a chance to go to the Favela in Rio, I will definitely visit the school there and hopefully speak to the children and the teachers. I will take photos and share them with my friends so that they will know a different part of the country. I think it is important that more young people of our generation should pay attention to the people struggling in the disadvantaged position. It really helps us to cherish our life and learn to respect and help each other. So hopefully my travel to Rio will be wonderful and meaningful.

cheer up(使) 高兴起来

on the top of the list 列在议事日程的首位

pay attention to 关注

imagine myself doing 想象自己做

I wish I were one of them 真希望我是其中一员