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Describe a family you know, but it is NOT your family.


What do they do? (人物自身的情况)

How do you know about them?(人物和陈述者的关系)

Why do you like them? (选择描述这个人物的原因)故事(一般过去时)

I would like to talk about the Huth Family that I met on a trip to Australia. I think among all the families I have known, the Huths are the most loving and caring people. The Huth couple met late in their life and had one daughter, Abby. The father, James, is an architect and the mother, Sandra, is the manager of a famous children’s theatre. They live in Michigan, USA but travel quite often. When I met the Huth family on a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef, Sandra was on a show tour with her theatre in Australia and the family decided to travel together. Sandra is a very talkative and enthusiastic lady. When the family sat down next to us on the cruise, she greeted us and introduced her family right away. From our talk, I could definitely tell her passion towards theatre and her love to children. James, on the other hand, is rather quiet but has a great sense of humor. When he joined in our conversation, he could always make people laugh, especially Sandra. James is also a caring father. On the cruise deck, he stood behind Abby and answered all her questions about the fish, the corals and everything that comes to her mind.

Abby is an adorable young lady, who inherited Sandra’s extroverted personality and James’ kind heart. When she saw my friend got seasick, she shared her ice and said “I really hope you will feel better.” I became friend with the Huth family and we exchanged email addresses at the end of the tour. So far I have kept in touch with Sandra. She is still busy with work but since Abby started school last year, the couple has decided to travel less and settle down. I guess the reason I like the Huth family is that from them, I get the idea that being a family means love, care and support. From Sandra’s email, I was told she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy when Abby was two years old. She told me she didn’t think she could make it without James’ support and her love to Abby. To be honest, I would never think a lady like Sandra has been through that kind of hardship in life. So I have to admit that is the power of family love.


enthusiastic  热情的

extroverted  外向的

(have/with) a sense of humor  (有)幽默感

went through  经受(负面经历)

I have to admit… 我得承认…