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这期,我们的话题是FUTURE GOAL。下面,就让我们进入Sunshine老师的课堂吧。

Topic: Talk about your goal in the future


ur future goal? Why do you like it?-Can you achieve the goal easily?-What do you need to do to achieve the goal?One of my future goals is to finish a half-marathon in less than two hours. Running a half-marathon is quite challenging for me at this moment because I am a beginner-level runner and my endurance is not strong enough yet. However, I believe, with my effort and persistence, I will be able to achieve the goal one day. At present, I run three or four times a week and each run lasts about forty minutes. Besides, I do other cardio exercises, including swimming, boxing and cycling to build up the strength of muscles, heart and lungs. I started running around my neighborhood in the spring and later decided to pick different places for each run so that I wouldn’t get bored with the scenery on the way. That has turned out to be a very smart decision! Never did I notice that there are so many fantastic running trails in the city where I live. I have told my friends and families about my goal. One of my neighbors, who is a former athlete and ran in the city marathon before, has volunteered to train me. I have to say that she is a very strict coach. There is never a chance for me to take break during the run under her supervision but honestly, that extra push from her has really made me progress a lot. I have also joined a running group of my gym where every weekend workshops and events are organized for runners from different levels. At the workshop, professional trainers give out advice on running techniques and daily diet, which I find very useful because my training has been intensive lately. I’ve made a couple of running buddies during the gym events. It’s a great opportunity for runners to exchange ideas and support each other. Based on their suggestions, I have downloaded an App called “Map My Run”, which helps keep track of my progress. So I can see myself getting closer to my ultimate goal after every run.


supervision  监督

achieve goals 实现目标

get bored with…  厌倦

give out advice  给予建议

keep track of   记录,跟踪