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Describe a vehicle you would like to buy in the future. 

I would like to buy a Sports Utility Vehicle in the future. I will choose an SUV mainly because it is larger with taller seating. For me, safety is the first priority while driving. According to my research on vehicle safety, a number of crash tests show that SUVs suffer less damage than other types of driving vehicles after a major strike. Also, driving an SUV means that I will be able to sit up higher and get a better vision of the nearby traffic condition, which can help me prepare for hazards ahead, avoid trouble and build up my confidence behind the wheel. My future SUV will most likely be in a dark color. I am thinking of silver, brown or navy blue. I suppose dark colors are easier for maintenance and save me a couple of bucks on car wash. Besides, if I own an SUV, I will drive it a lot to travel in mountains and remote areas. To my knowledge, SUVs have better ground clearance and suspension systems, which allows them to do well in off-road conditions. Most SUVs have features such as hill descent control and low range. I definitely don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere on my travel and spend hours to get my vehicle out of the mud puddle. Many people would not like my choice, saying that SUVs are inefficient gas hogs. Well, that might be true ten years ago, but not anymore. Many SUVs get excellent gas mileage. For those with a big family, an SUV can carry more people efficiently, which actually helps to save fuel and take up less space in traffic. As for my future vehicle, I am considering a hybrid SUV. That is to say, my car will use more than one type of power. Hopefully, my SUV can be fueled by cleaner forms of energy such as electricity or even solar power.


behind the wheel 驾驶车辆

ground clearance 离地间隙

suspension system 悬架系统

gas hog 耗油量大的车

gas mileage  耗油定额

hybrid  混合动力(车)



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